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ZenGen’s purpose is to create an ad-free website source for your everyday lifestyle. We provide information, services and products specifically for the Millennial Generation. Our offered benefits help powerful Millennials succeed in all they do. From starting a career, to the best food you’ve ever tasted, ZenGen is a reliable, trustworthy and ethical place to find resources that address the needs and interests of Millennials. We are a 100% discrimination free community! We accept everyone regardless of sex, age, gender, etc. Our main focus is to help you accomplish the perfect life-work balance by directly connecting you to what you need, when you need it!

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Every single year the number of internet users grows rapidly. From the year 2000 to 2016, the amount of internet users has jumped from 6.8% to 46.1%, according to Internet Live Stats. This means that out of 7,432,663,275 people, 3,424,971,237 are using the internet! But what about those some 4 billion people with no internet access?


ZenGen is not only here to help like-minded Millennials succeed, we are also here to help provide individuals, whom have a great potential, access to the opportunities that they deserve. Our goal is to provide Wi-Fi access globally, to those areas who are in need. When you immerse yourself into the ZenGen community you are also involved in this important movement. Find out more about how you can help by visiting our ZentaGenta Foundation.

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We understand the importance of enjoying a peaceful rest while on vaca, through reviews of other travelers we’ve gathered the top 10 best stays just for you!
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your favorite artist

Calling all music lovers! We know you’re a pro in this department, but we want to share some of our favs with you! Find the best artists and music events in 2017.
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